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The first time she sees him, as he climbs onto their train (crawling west through a blazing summer), she unlaces her damp fingers and spreads one hand wide on her husband’s thigh, momentarily amazed at her own audacity. The second time, as he moves through their carriage, she loosens her wedding band, to see another ring underneath, pale and humid as the skin of a drowned man. Stepping onto the shimmering platform of a prairie station, she glimpses him for the third time, and feels a detaching – almost believes she can hear it too – the minutely perceptible fraying, the final unraveling, of nine years, three months, and one intolerably hot August afternoon.


Trifecta challenge: story in 3 sentences


10 thoughts on “Triptych

  1. Cobbie's World says:

    Brilliantly done!!! The removing of the wedding band, did it for me. So much going on in three sentences. Would not surprise me at all to see this in the Winner’s Circle on Monday. 🙂

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