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The Score

I used to wonder when the world would run out of songs. Or, at least, when it would run out of good ones. For a brief period, exiting my teenage years, it seemed that it had happened. Despite my fear though, they just kept coming. Isn’t there some mathematical equation that could tell us just how many are left, how many combinations of notes remain? (I’m not musical, but my father was, playing tune after tune on the piano for days. It’s like he ate the score, said my mother. But in the end, it was the score that ate him.)

Friday Fictioneers


15 thoughts on “The Score

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  2. I suspect the recombinating possibilities of tone and word mirror the recombinating possibilities of dna strands with this difference – there are more of them. Upward of five billion humans – not to mention all the other dna based life-forms on earth – are created from combinations of just four letters of the DNA alphabet. Yet there doesn’t seem any end to the variety of life. All the words and tones of the world far exceed four in number. I don’t think we need to worry about running out of options.

  3. His passion consumed him, literally in this case. Sometimes when I hear “music” now, I think maybe all the good songs have been written, but then something will come along and….


  4. I have had this discussion with a songwriter. Ever the optimist I live in hope that talent can always create something new. Love the last few words even though it ends badly.

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